Depression is a mental illness that affects 1 in 5 women and 1 in 8 men. With so many people carrying this weight with them, why do so many people refrain from discussing it? Don’t get me wrong, society has made strides in destigmatization, but the next step is normalization. With so many people having this one thing in common, we can’t all feel like aliens when we talk about it.

You might be a teen who’s tired of nobody getting it, a young adult and you need to reinvent yourself mental illness changed you and made your forget yourself. If you’re struggling with a mental illness and want to understand a little more about the little day to day things that nobody talks about, hope is not lost for you. or maybe you’re a parent or friend who wants to understand your child/friend. This blog’s purpose is to provide information on the overlooked side of depression, anxiety, eating disorders, etc. And discovering yourself after you’ve lost yourself in these things.

This blog is a community for the young, the old, the ignorant, the wise, the saint, the sinner.